Isola d'Elba

Island of Elba

Useful information about the pearl of the Tuscan Archipelago

Reached with only one hour by ferry from the port of Piombino,this pearl of the Tuscan archipelago, set in crystalline waters, is characterized by a warm climate and lush vegetation, in its 147km of coastline open sandy beaches, enchanting coves never crowded and suggestive cliffs. The inland, rich woods and countryside rises up to 1019m up of Monte Capanne, the morphology so diverse, small historic towns, the rhythms of life people oriented and historical culinary tradition, make the Elba Island ideal destination for every kind of holiday you want to spend in contact with nature, relax, Healthy, naturalistic and sports.

Island of Elba
Island of Elba
Island of Elba
Island of Elba
Island of Elba

The beaches
The diverse geology of the soil from Elba,has given to island over 70 beaches in an infinite variety, large and spacious or smalland private. Each beach offers to those who attended the different landscapes and emotions. Set between cliffs rich in marine life soyou can find white sand beaches in some places enriched with bright grains of quartz and other sand-iron, black and shiny, beaches with red pebble and small minerals, or other beaches with blacks pebble speckling of blue-white under marvelous granite cliffs.

Outdoor sport
There are numerous outdoor sport activities on the Elba Island, in every part of the island are trekking paths and paths for mountain-biking or for the Horse, spiked walls and cliffs for Free-climbing. The sea offers the possibility of wonderful kayaking, windsurfing or sailing trips and you can not resist the opportunity to discover the intense marine life from which you are surrounded bysnorkeling or diving.

The excursions

Boat trips
The sea of Elba offers the possibility to spend unforgettable days,there are many points of renting sailing boats or motor boats. For those who want to admire the coastline and enjoy the most inaccessible corners there are guided boat tours during which you can watch the dolphins. The Nautilus, with a glass-bottom boat,offers a ringside seat on the show of our sea. Day trips to the islands of Giglio, Capraia, Pianosa and Corsica, mini-cruises on a sailing boat.

Motonave Il Dollaro - Molo di Porto Azzurro - tel. +39 0565 958346
Aquavision - tel. +39 0565 976022 -
Spaziomare - Via Vittorio Veneto, Porto Azzurro - tel. +39 0565 .95112 -

Mount Capanne
The Mount Capanne is the highest peak on Elba from which to enjoy breathtaking views. You can get a cableway from Marciana or via paths through beautiful chestnut woods full of flowers in spring and mushrooms in autumn, one of these paths coincides with the Via Crucis leading to the Shrine of Madonna del Monte.

Cabinovia del Monte Capanne - Marciana - Tel. +39 0565 901215

Island of Elba
Island of Elba
Island of Elba
Island of Elba
Island of Elba

The mines of Calamita
An exciting trip into the underground tunnel of Ginevro, where heextracted the Lodestone. Looking out over incredible chasms between old stations and monuments of industrial architecture,discover the hard work of the miners through the ages and the evolution of mining techniques. Along the way, the guides illustratethe wide variety of mineralogical Calamita and plants and animalsof the Mediterranean. The museom tells the long history of iron and Elba miners.

Calamita - Miniere di Capoliveri - tel. +39 0565 935492 -

Mining Park of Rio Marina
In the palace of the Burò, in downtown Rio Marina found the Museum of Minerals and Mining of the art. In addition to one of the most important collections of minerals of the island you can seefaithful reconstructions of the mine (the workshop of a blacksmith, The shelter of a miner and a small stretch of gallery a real size) Guided tours depart from here in search of minerals in the mining area of Monte Giove on foot or aboard the train of Mines.

Museo dei Minerali e dell'arte Mineraria - Rio Marina - Palazzo del Burò - tel. 0565.962088

Castle of Volterraio
The Castle rises on the homonymous hill 395m high, overlooking the gulf of Portoferraio. Built around the year 1000 where there was a pre-existing structure of Etruscan subsequently reinforced by the Romans and renovated in the late 200, is inserted in the defense system sought by the Republic of Pisa. It can be reached via a path marked and charm of this majestic ruin is often overshadowed by the views that you meet along the way.

Between history and beautiful landscapes in a trip to Portoferraio you can visit beautiful places where ancient civilizations andhistorical figures had erected their own settlements, sites that areabsolutely not giving up the excavations of the Villa Romana delle Grotte, the Medicean fortification of Forte Stella overlooking the promontory of Portoferraio,Forte Falcone, Linguella Tower (home to the archaeological museum) and the panoramic Bastions Medicean, you can also visit the two luxury villas Napoleonic where Napoleon spent the nine months of his exile on Elba.

Appartamenti all'Isola d'Elba

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Visit the Reale Camping, directly on the sea in Porto Azzurro. Pitches, mobile homes, tents and caravans for rent. Same management.

Camping Reale